Delta 8 in Kentucky: Why It’s Safe

If you are unfamiliar with Delta 8, here is what you need to know: It is a legal and safe cannabis product. 

In Kentucky, where marijuana has not yet been legalized, people have been flocking to CBD stores, such as Bourbon Country Cannabis, that offer Delta 8. 

Delta 8 THC will give users “psychoactive” effects, meaning Delta 8 users will experience a high that is comparable to a marijuana high.  

Delta 8 is derived from hemp, which contains 0.3% or less of THC. (Marijuana contains over 0.3% THC.) By being below the threshold of marijuana-level THC content, Delta 8 is legal. 

This is because of the Farm Bill, which legalized hemp products. Since CBD, Delta 8, and Delta 9 can all be derived from hemp, the Farm Bill allowed for these products to be sold legally nationwide as long as they are below 0.3% THC concentration.

Basically, the reason that Delta 8 is legal in Kentucky while marijuana is not is because of the THC content of Delta 8. Both marijuana and the hemp-derived Delta 8 are ultimately from the same plant, cannabis. Marijuana and hemp are only different varieties of the cannabis plant, with that difference being how much THC is contained in each variety. 

Safe Extraction of Delta 8

Delta 8 naturally occurs in cannabis plants, but it is manufactured through a conversion process that involves extraction from CBD. It is a simple process that involves dissolving CBD into a solvent, then adding an acid to the solvent that catalyzes the CBD. 

After some time, both the solvent and the acid are neutralized, and a purification process is undergone where the end product is pure Delta 8. 

From there, the solution ought to be tested for safety, which is something that responsible Delta 8 providers such as Bourbon Country Cannabis strives to do. 

Buy From a Certified Provider

We do not recommend buying Delta 8 from untrustworthy providers, such as random sellers that you may find on, say, Amazon. When you see news stories about the potential risks or harms of Delta 8 products, the culprit is almost always a seller that did not invest in quality-control testing for what they were selling. 

At Bourbon Country Cannabis, we believe that Delta 8 should be tested and regulated like any other legal product, which is why we only carry products that are third-party tested. 

You can be assured that our Delta 8 products are safe to consume, and offer a healthy (and fun!) alternative to marijuana products, as marijuana is not legal in Kentucky. 

Delta 8 Products Near You

At Bourbon Country Cannabis, we offer a wide variety of Delta 8 products that will be sure to suit your needs, from gummies to tinctures that allow you to experiment with low doses. 

We also offer Delta 9 products in-store and online, which are considered to be a stronger version of Delta 8. In fact, Delta 8 and Delta 9 are isomers, meaning they have the same formula, only a different arrangement of atoms, which gives Delta 9 its power. 

For more products, including CBD, check out our site or visit our store! 

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"Hemp" is one variety of the cannabis plant, which refers to plants that contains 0.3% or less THC content (by dry weight).

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