7 Things to Consider Before Buying CBD for Your Dog

Even if you are a pet owner, you may not realize that CBD oil has uses for more than just humans. 

For example, one of our most popular items during the weeks leading up to the 4th of July was our peanut-butter-flavored Full Spectrum 300 mg Pet Tincture

CBD works in dogs as well as humans because both have endocannabinoid receptors in their bodies, which make them receptive to the effects of CBD. 

1. Figure Out What Dosage Is Correct for Your Dogs

The general rule here is that you should use 2 mg for every 10 lbs of your dog’s weight, and to not go over that dose, especially if it is the first time the dog is trying CBD. 

The benefit of using a CBD product like our Full Spectrum 300 mg Pet Tincture is that it comes with a dropper that allows for precise measurements, so that you can increase your dog’s dosage if needed, in small increments. This is certainly preferable to just giving your dog CBD gummies, which is not recommended. 

For a more detailed rundown on finding the right CBD dose for your dog, check out our CBD dosage guide for dogs.

2. Find a CBD That is Pet-Specific

Our product certainly fits in well here, but there is a reason that we recommend this: The flavoring of CBD products can be specially tailored to fit dogs’ tastes, which is why we made our Full Spectrum 300 mg Pet Tincture taste like peanut butter. 

3. Make Sure the CBD You Are Using Is Low-THC

Some products that you can find at CBD stores, Hectare’s included, will contain THC at amounts that will ensure a “psychoactive” effect will occur with ingestion. 

You do not want to get your dog high, which is why you should stick to pet-specific CBD, which is specially made for animals. This way, you will know for sure that the THC levels are low enough so that your dog does not get stoned. 

Under no circumstances should you give your pet Delta 8 or Delta 9 products, though we certainly encourage pet owners to try them for themselves. 

4. Buy From A Legitimate, Certified Seller

There are plenty of places online that sell CBD products that are just not trustworthy. A lot of people seek to exploit the Farm Bill for a quick profit rather than provide truly good and useful wellness solutions to customers.

A plain and simple way to tell whether a CBD seller is legitimate or not is whether their products have a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) from a botanical processing factory. 

For our Full Spectrum 300 mg Pet Tincture, you can view our certificate of analysis here

5. Pay Attention to the Spectrum

Why do we call our pet tincture “Full Spectrum”? Full Spectrum means the hemp extract contains the full range of cannabinoids and is not diluted or filtered.

This also means that the CBD product will help a wider range of issues, such as severe anxiety or pain, so that, no matter your dog’s issues, the full-spectrum CBD is sure to cover it. 

6. Check With Your Vet About Whether Your Dog Should Take CBD

Though plenty of pet owners give their dog CBD without checking with the vet first, we would certainly recommend discussing this with a veterinarian first, who may have additional advice to give you about dosing dogs with CBD. 

It is especially important to do this if your dog is on other medications as well, as the vet will be able to tell you whether there will be any adverse effects due to the mixing with those medications with CBD or if there will be no problem at all. 

7. Know About Potential Side Effects

CBD is not dangerous for dogs, but it can cause dry mouth and drowsiness in some dogs, so be sure you have a bowl of water ready for your dog, and to give the dog some time ahead of the dose to relax, if needed. 

The best way to prevent side effects is to make sure you are giving your dog an appropriate dose, which we covered in #1. 

Safe CBD for Dogs 

Our Full Spectrum 300 mg Pet Tincture is safe for dogs, and its peanut butter flavor means that you will not have to go to great lengths to get your dog to enjoy it.
Have any questions about CBD and pets? Contact us today and we’ll be sure to get back to you!

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