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Delta 9 THC

Delta 9 is Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol, the main form of THC found in cannabis.

The Farm Bill of 2018 allows for any cannabinoids extracted from legally-grown hemp plants –with a chain of custody that shows the plant was grown with a THC level below 0.3% – to be reintroduced into an edible or beverage and sold legally.

Yes, because Delta 9 is regular THC! It will have the same effect as taking a cannabis-derived THC edible that you could get in a state where marijuana is legalized, for example.

If you’re not confident about the milligrams of THC you have a tolerance for, start small! 5mg of Delta 9 is a great starting point and you can adjust from there. Be aware, taking THC in an edible form can take 60-120 minutes to feel, so give your body plenty of time to feel it. Beverages usually take much less time, 10-15 minutes, for you to feel it.

Delta 8

Delta 8 is a naturally occurring form of THC derived from hemp. It is less potent than the main form of THC Delta 9. It is still euphoric and has more of an indica effect. (relaxing)

Euphoric effects and deep relaxing sleep.

Yes it does, as it contains THC (the compound responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana). This is one of the main draws of the product for many users. People who are looking for a sleep aid with no psychoactive effects ought to stick with CBD.

Yes it will. It is a detectable form of THC.

Batch No. 8

Start with half a gummy, especially if you have little or no cannabis experience.

Start with .25ml (1/4 dropper), which is the equivalent of taking 12.5 mg (about half of a Batch No. 8 gummy). At ¼ of a dropper, the entire bottle will provide 128 servings, while ½ dropper = 64 servings.

It has a slight citrus taste with no hempy taste.

HHC is another naturally-occurring cannabinoid that has similar effects to THC. It is typically found in sativa strains, causing an uplifting euphoria and is more potent than delta 8.

CBD Edibles

This will be more potent than CBD because of the products CBN content. We have found many people that don’t benefit from just CBD prefer this option.

CBN is another cannabinoid similar to CBD in that it is non psychoactive. It has been found to increase the deep sleep part of the sleep cycle, making it perfect for those who have trouble staying asleep.

CBD Small Beverages 2.5oz

When infused in a beverage, the onset of effects is typically much quicker than an edible, especially when combined with functional ingredients such as caffeine or melatonin. These functional small beverages were crafted to be fast-acting, discreet, and versatile.

When combined, CBD and Caffeine create a smooth energy boost without the jitters and anxiety that certain users experience with caffeine alone. CBD allows you to stay jitter-free while enjoying the focusing benefits of caffeine.

This flavor offers a mixture of blueberries, blackberries and strawberries.

This is a single-serve beverage. You can consume the whole 2.5 oz bottle, although some people find one half of a bottle is sufficient.

Ginger/Turmeric are known for improving immune defenses, gut health and reducing inflammation.

Goji berries (Chokeberry) are known for improving immune defenses and reducing inflammation.

CBD Relief Oils and Topicals

No, they only contain trace amounts of THC.

CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety and sleep aid. Many also use CBD for ADHD, depression, skin health, and gut health.

Our topicals are very high quality, extremely effective, and last for 1-3 months.

If used daily, it should last 1-3 months.

The recommended dose is 1 ml (one full dropper), which equals 30 mg of CBD. However, if you are new to CBD it is recommended to start with half a dropper, which is 15 mg of CBD. There are thirty 1 ml servings in each bottle.

Drop the oil under your tongue and let it dissolve for 30-60 seconds.

After ingestion it takes about 15-20 minutes to take effect. Consistency is critical, use daily for a minimum of 10 days to realize the full effects of the oil.

We make CBD products that are specifically designed for pets (see below).


It will relax and calm your pet, too large of a dose may cause drowsiness.

Refer to the weight chart on the back of chews or tincture. Or refer to the CBD dosage guide on Hectare’

This is specially designed for consumption by pets, both with the dosage guide included on the package and the flavoring, which is meant to make it more palatable for pets.

You can either give it directly to the dog under their tongue or you can put it in their food or water.

Urb Extrax Gummies (25 ct)

They do not, they only have flavor differences.

They have a hybrid effect. In general, our edibles do not have an indica or sativa classification because they lack cannabinoids known as terpenes, which cause indica (relaxed: “in-da-couch”) and sativa (upper: “Sat-up”) effects.

7 Sons

It is handmade dark chocolate from Bardstown, Kentucky.

It is handmade dark chocolate from Bardstown, Kentucky.

No they will not. Using bourbon in chocolate is similar to using wine in cooking, it is just there to add flavor and not for intoxication.

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"Hemp" is one variety of the cannabis plant, which refers to plants that contains 0.3% or less THC content (by dry weight).

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