CBD Dog Dosage Guide: Yes, You Can (and Should) Give Your Dog CBD, at Least on the Fourth of July

CBD Dog Dosage Guide: Yes, You Can (and Should) Give Your Dog CBD, at Least on the Fourth of July 


If the Fourth of July has taught us anything about humanity, it is that we really, really love to watch fireworks. 

This Fourth of July, we certainly hope that you take in the sights and sounds of the many great fireworks displays that will be going off around Louisville, and especially recommend enhancing your experience of the shows with our Delta 8 and Delta 9 products. 

However, though (most of) us humans love and enjoy a good fireworks display, especially one that celebrates independence, some of our furry friends, especially dogs, are not quite as enthusiastic about it.

Though dogs are known for their excellent noses, it is their sensitive ears that often get them into trouble. 

This year, you should be sure to check out Hectare’s new CBD Pet Tincture, which can be essential if your dog is scared of fireworks. Read below to find out why. 

Dogs are Man’s Best Friend, but Fireworks’ Worst Enemy 

Loud noises, and fireworks most of all, set dogs’ alarm off.

There can be more than one reason for why your dog runs under the bed when fireworks are going off, one of which is that the dog developed a fear response when it was a puppy that associated loud noises of any kind with danger. 

Also, do not worry if your dog is not afraid of fireworks at all, as this fear-response development can occur differently in every dog. Dog’s ultra-sensitive ears can be a blessing and a curse, which is the reason why military dogs are used to detect noises in loud war zones, while pet dogs may run in fear at the vacuum. 

What Type of CBD Product You Should Give Your Dog

Though we offer plenty of great CBD products, such as gummies and wellness drinks, we recommend going with our CBD tincture above all. In particular, get our Pet Tincture, as it is flavored peanut butter (a canine favorite!) and is designed specifically to be used for pets. 

Another reason to go with our pet-friendly tincture is that you can much more easily control the dose of CBD when you are using our CBD oil’s dropper, which is a precise 1 ML dropper. 

Our 300 mg Pet Tincture also ensures that, if you find your dog becomes quite calm at the sound of fireworks, then there will be plenty left over to help your dog in other instances of anxiety. 

Being able to precisely control the level of dosage is important for humans, of course, but it is doubly important for dogs, who may not know what they are taking or what to expect, and so need to be given a dose that is just right for them. 

Read on to find out what dose of CBD best works for your dog. 

Figuring Out the Right CBD Dose for Your Pet

A good general rule to start with is 2 mg per 10 lbs of your dog’s weight. 

The peanut butter flavor of our pet tincture makes it easy to accept for a dog, so you should have no trouble getting your dog to take its medicine in this case. 

Once you’ve figured out precisely how much mg’s should be in your dose, give them just one dose and wait. It is better to be patient, as effects may not kick in immediately, and you should try not to go over the general-rule dose unless there is no change in your dog’s behavior. 

As far as frequency for CBD doses go, it could do well to do twice a day, with no less than four hours in between doses. 

Doing this for three days (great for July 1, 2, and 3!) can give you plenty of time to not only introduce your dog to the calming effects of CBD, but find out what your dog’s ideal dose is, as well. 

Have more questions about how to give your pet the best CBD experience? Be sure to reach out to us!

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