Medical Marijuana in Kentucky

Recreational vs Medical Marijuana in Kentucky

You may have recently heard about Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s push to legalize medical marijuana in Kentucky.  Of course, that is only a partial representation of the full reality.

What Governor Beshear is trying to achieve is legalization of medical marijuana for a certain subset of the population.

For the most part, this requires having a chronic illness or other debilitating condition for you to be exempt from being charged for possessing marijuana.  Also, the marijuana cannot exceed eight ounces.

Oh, and another thing—the marijuana must have been legally bought outside of the state of Kentucky in a state where marijuana is actually legal.  Be sure to keep that receipt, because if you lose it then you will not be eligible to be pardoned for possessing marijuana in the state of Kentucky. 

On top of all that, you are going to need a special note from a licensed health care provider that specifies that your condition indeed does warrant the use of marijuana. 

All of the above, more or less, sums up the state of medical marijuana in the state of Kentucky. That is, if Beshear’s hopes are realized, provided Kentucky legislators are on board with this plan. 

Decriminalizing medical marijuana for a small subset of the Kentucky population is just one step toward its legalization in Kentucky. 

If it is recreational cannabis that you seek, check out your legal recreational cannabis options in Kentucky below. 

Recreational Cannabis 

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CBD and Delta THC work in combination to create what is called “the entourage effect”, where the pleasant effects of the two cannabinoids are enhanced by each other. 

In addition, potentially unpleasant effects, such as nausea and anxiety, will be inhibited. This makes the CBD+THC combos ideal for first-time or inexperienced THC users. 

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