Breaking Down The Differences Between THC and CBD.

Anybody who has ever tried both CBD and THC knows that there is a world of difference between these two cannabinoids. 

Though the effects of the two are different, they are much more similar than you may realize. 

For one, their chemical formula is the exact same. There is only a small-looking difference in their chemical structure. CBD has an open-ring structure, while THC has a closed-ring structure. 

That seemingly small difference creates a large gap in effects. 

CBD has mild effects. THC, on the other hand, is psychoactive. This means that it produces euphoria in users. 

Should You Take CBD? 

It is true that CBD’s effects are mild compared to THC. But you will certainly still notice CBD’s effects.

Also, CBD does not have any psychoactive effects.

Even if you are not interested in CBD, your pet may be. That’s right, we offer CBD products that are specially made for animals, such as peanut-butter-flavored Full Spectrum 300 mg Pet Tincture

Is THC Right for You? 

Broadly speaking, the appeal of THC is the euphoric psychoactive effects. However, there is much more to THC than the euphoria. 

THC’s effects can vary based on the dosing. When you microdose, which for many people is 5 mg or below, then you can enjoy a social lift as well as some CBD-like effects.

Higher doses intensify these benefits while offering euphoria. 

Delta 9 gummies and delta 8 gummies are some of the most popular legal THC products available in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Mixing THC and CBD

We mentioned earlier that these two cannabinoids have the exact same formula. So, it should not surprise you that they both work well together. 

This mixture is called “the entourage effect”. The idea here is that the two actually enhance, rather than suppress, each others’ effects. 

Hectare’s and Bourbon Country Cannabis offer plenty of products that mix THC and CBD. We offer ideal ratios between the two, typically a 2:1 or 3:1 CBD-to-THC ratio. 

For one delicious example, check out the 7 Sons Full Spectrum CBD/THC Cha-Chill Chocolates

Buy Delta 8, Delta 9, and CBD Products Today

Whether you are looking for a CBD tincture or a THC beverage, you are sure to find what you are looking for at Hectare’s and Bourbon Country Cannabis. 

We are proud to offer our customers a variety of Delta 9 products along with D8 and CBD products as well. 

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If you are looking to find out more about cannabis, then be sure to check out our blog, which updates you on everything in the world of cannabis!

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