Medical Marijuana Cards In Kentucky: Here Is What You Need to Know

If you recently acquired a medical marijuana card in Kentucky, don’t be misled about what you can do with this card.  

For one, you cannot walk into a Kentucky cannabis dispensary and expect to purchase medical marijuana. It’s important to note that the sale of medical marijuana is currently illegal in Kentucky, despite a recent approval of a legalization bill by the Senate.

Bourbon Country Cannabis and Hectare’s do not offer medical marijuana, nor does any other law-abiding cannabis dispensary in Kentucky. 

A medical marijuana card from a licensed healthcare provider in Kentucky permits possession of medical marijuana. However, there are plenty of other requirements for your use of medical marijuana to be legal, which we cover in this blog. 

Inside Governor Beshear’s Executive Order on Medical Marijuana

Kentucky governor Andy Beshear recently issued an executive order (EO) that is a big stride for Kentucky cannabis laws. 

The Courier Journal reports this quote from Beshear: 

“What we’re trying to do is take a measured step to help those that are struggling, while ensuring they can purchase from a safe and reliable place. And ultimately, nobody should feel like a criminal when they can legally purchase it in one of our neighboring states and use it.”

Specifically, the EO allows people with certain severe medical conditions to be eligible for a pardon if they get arrested for marijuana possession. 

However, there are some additional caveats that people who are looking to use marijuana for medicinal purposes must be wary of, which we will detail below. 

You Must Have Legally Purchased the Marijuana

You will not be eligible for a pardon if you did not legally purchase the marijuana in a state that has legalized marijuana. 

Proof of purchase, such as a receipt from a dispensary, must be provided. 

So, if your marijuana was procured through a drug dealer, rather than legally, you will not be eligible for pardoning, no matter your condition. 

Limits on How Much Marijuana You Can Possess

Even if you legally purchase the marijuana, that amount cannot exceed eight ounces. 

The magic number of eight ounces comes from the Kentucky law that decrees possession of marijuana above eight ounces is considered a felony. Below that threshold, however, is only a misdemeanor. 

For you to be eligible for pardon, you need to be below the threshold, in the misdemeanor zone. 

You Need a Medical Card from Your Doctor

You cannot just cite medical records showing you have, e.g., a terminal illness and expect to get a pardon. 

Instead, you must get a special certification from a licensed healthcare provider. That certification must show that you indeed have one of the 21 conditions that are considered eligible for pardon. 

Is Marijuana Still Illegal In Kentucky? 

The short answer is yes. All this executive order does is decriminalize marijuana possession for a small amount of the population. 

If you do not suffer from any of the 21 named medical conditions, then you are ineligible for a pardon for marijuana possession, even if it is less than 8 ounces and was legally purchased. 

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