Indoor Weed vs. Outdoor Weed

Indoor vs. Outdoor Weed: Is One Better Than the Other? 

For many cannabis enthusiasts, there is a lot of significance to the question of whether indoor or outdoor weed is better. Since indoor vs. outdoor weed is a big topic of debate in the world of cannabis, we decided to cover it in this blog post. 

The first thing to consider is whether the dispensary you go to offers indoor weed, outdoor weed, or both. If both, then this article will be especially helpful for you. 

We will tailor this article mostly toward the question of what end-users, or consumers, have to gain from indoor vs. outdoor weed. However, we will also consider how growers benefit from these options as well. 

Outdoor Weed Benefits

Cannabis plants that grow outside will benefit from the natural light exposure encountered in a day and night cycle. 

However, one big drawback is that you will need to account for the problems of pests. 

Outdoor weed tends to be a deep green and may feature brown and purple parts. It also tends to be bigger than indoor weed. 

Outdoor weed can be very potent, even more so than indoor weed, but this is usually only achievable when the growth cycle was done in more or less perfect conditions. Naturally, this is very difficult to achieve when growing weed outside. 

Indoor Weed Benefits

Less worry about pests means that indoor weed is less likely to have been sprayed with pesticides. 

It is also easier to control the cultivation environment when you grow indoor weed. It is easier to create a stable climate for the plant to enjoy a thriving life cycle. Indoor weed also tends to be stronger because of the opportunities to control the life cycle.

Visually, indoor weed tends to be lighter and brighter, with perhaps light purple and orange colors. 

When smoking the indoor weed, you will notice more intense flavors. 

Should You Choose Indoor or Outdoor Weed?

Ultimately, it depends on your preference.

Indoor weed has less of a chance of being touched with toxins. Even beyond pesticides, outdoor weed could be exposed to other air pollutants. 

Indoor weed also consistently offers more intense flavors and potency. If that appeals to you, then go for indoor weed. 

However, if you are looking for something a little more natural, and with less potency, then outdoor weed may be the choice for you. If the conditions were also choice, then you can get more bang for your buck with outdoor weed. 

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