Cannabis Infused Drink

Cannabis-Infused Delta-9 THC Drinks

If you’re looking to explore the world of cannabis-infused mixology, Delta-9 THC beverages are a great place to start.

These beverages offer a unique blend of Delta-9 THC and CBD, delivering a quick onset of euphoria. If you’re looking to experiment with Delta-9 THC beverages, this guide will provide you with some delicious recipes and flavors to try at home.

What are Delta-9 THC Beverages?

Delta-9 THC beverages are infused drinks that are consumed orally and absorbed though the digestive system. They typically come in liquid form, such as ready-to-drink beverages, powder mix, or syrup and are infused with Delta-9 THC, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis. Some Delta-9 THC Beverages may also contain CBD, another compound found in cannabis, to create an entourage effect.

Delta-9 THC beverages are known for their predictable and consistent effects, which set them apart from other cannabis-infused products. The beverages are often sold in single-service sizes, which makes it easier for consumers to control their dosage and avoid over consumption.

Unique Cannabis-Infused Recipes to Try at Home

There are a variety of Delta-9 THC beverage recipes that you can make at home, from fruity drinks to refreshing cannabis-cocktails. Here are three great recipes that you can try:

Cannabis-Infused Dragon Fruit Iced Tea

Warm water in a coffee pot or saucepan. Pour the warm water in a cup, then steep the teabag for the recommended amount of time. Remove the teabag and add the Delta 9 THC beverage for a delicious Dragon Fruit tea!

Cannabis-Infused Watermelon Berry Lemonade

Blend all ingredients together in a blender and serve over ice. This will be a stronger option, as each Watermelon Berry Beverage Shot includes 20 mg Delta 9 THC, so half a shot will be around 10 mg D9 THC. 

Cannabis-Infused Goji Blackberry Smoothie

Blend all ingredients together in a blender and serve immediately.

Recommended Delta 9 THC Beverage Flavors to Try

Delta-9 THC beverages come in a variety of flavors to suit everyone’s taste. Here are the flavors of Hectare’s Delta 9 Beverages:

Tips for Mixing with Delta-9 THC Beverages

Mixing with Delta-9 THC beverages can be different than traditional cocktails. Here are some tips to help you get the perfect balance of THC and CBD:

  • Start with a small amount of Delta-9 THC and wait for the effects before adding more, especially if you are new to using Delta-0 THC. It’s best to start with a low dosage and gradually increase it.
  • Measure the amount of Delta-9 THC carefully to ensure you use the right amount in your cocktail.
  • Mix the Delta-9 THC beverage thoroughly to ensure an even distribution of the THC and a better taste.
  • Keep in mind that the onset effects is not immediate, so be patient and wait at least 15 minutes before consuming more.


Delta-9 THC beverages offer a unique and enjoyable way to experiment with cannabis-infused mixology. With a variety of delicious recipes and flavors to try, you’re sure to find a Delta-9 THC beverage that you’ll enjoy at Hectare’s! 

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