Hectare’s New Delta 9 Small Beverages

Enhance Your Mood in Minutes with Hangover-Free RTD Shots

If you have been looking to experience Delta 9 in forms other than gummies or delicious chocolates, then Bourbon Country Cannabis and Hectare’s has a new line of products just for you: Ready-to-drink (RTD) shots of hemp-derived (and therefore legal) Delta 9 + CBD. 

We offer many small beverages with the Delta 9 THC + CBD combination, with the main differences being in both taste and the dose of THC and CBD. 

Our smaller-dose 3 and 5 mg (THC) beverages can be perfect for microdosing, while the larger 10 and 20 mg beverages can be perfect for larger gatherings. 

Read on for a breakdown of the different RTD shots that we have available, all of which are naturally-flavored and are free of any added sugars. They also all feature a 2:1 CBD-to-THC ratio (check out our blog here as to why this is the ideal ratio). 

Good Things Come in 3’s: Blood Orange 3 mg Delta 9 THC and 6 mg CBD

Whether you are going out to walk the dog or just want a light boost, Hectare’s Blood Orange 3 mg Delta 9 THC + 6 mg CBD is perfect for any occasion. 

This beverage is also great for microdosing, and if you simply love the flavor, then you can enjoy multiple of these without worrying about going overboard with the THC. Enjoy a social lift with this delicious small-dose beverage! 

I Got 5 On It: Goji Blackberry 5 mg Delta 9 THC and 10 mg CBD

Like Blood Orange, you can enjoy microdosing and a mood-enhancing lift with Hectare’s Goji Blackberry 5 mg Delta 9 THC and 10 mg CBD. Here, the effects are stronger but still relatively mild, making it a perfect choice for many situations, whether you are looking to wind-down after work at home or are looking to add some extra fun to a night out with friends. 

A Perfect 10: Dragon Fruit 10 mg THC and 20 mg CBD 

Here is where the THC euphoria starts getting on the strong side, and therefore more fit for hanging out with friends and other recreational activities. 

Hectare’s Dragon Fruit 10 mg THC + 20 mg CBD offers you plenty of fun without a hangover, making it a great choice for a fun night out and a nice day after. 

20 for Two: Watermelon Berry 20 mg THC and 40 mg CBD

Unless you are indeed looking to share this drink with someone else, we recommend this for experienced THC users only. 

Hectare’s Watermelon Berry 20 mg THC + 40 mg CBD is our strongest offering and offers an amazing taste. Even if the 20 mg THC is too high for you, sharing this drink with someone else ensures that you’ll be able to enjoy the flavor! 

You also get all the benefits of the other beverages, such as zero calories and zero sugar, along with the hangover-free fun of a Delta 9 THC euphoria. 

Buy Delta 8, Delta 9, and CBD Products Today

Our Delta 9 THC beverages are available to order online from Hectare’s, and you can also get them in our store, Bourbon Country Cannabis.

We are proud to offer our customers a variety of Delta 9 products along with D8 and CBD products as well. 

Interested in learning more about the many products available in the world of cannabis? Do not hesitate to reach out to us today, and we can help you find the cannabis product that is right for you!

If you are looking to find out more about cannabis, then be sure to check out our blog, which updates you on everything in the world of cannabis! 

From THC+CBD Bourbon Balls to Delta 9 gummies, we sell a wide variety of high-quality products on and in-store at Bourbon Country Cannabis’ Nulu Location (819 E Market St Suite 101, Louisville, KY 40206). 

Stop by our store or check us out online, and you’ll be sure to find what you are looking for!

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