How Is Delta 9 made? An Inside Look at the Extraction Process.

When many people see the term “Delta 9”, they do not realize that it is a compound that naturally occurs in cannabis plants. 

Thanks to a loophole in the hemp-legalizing 2018 U.S. Farm Bill passed by Congress, Delta 9 products are federally legal. 

Despite this, many people do not realize that Delta 9 is available in many cannabis stores, including Bourbon Country Cannabis

As a result, people tend to wonder just how Delta 9 products are made. 

Extracting Delta 9

There is a lot to learn about cannabis products (you can check out our website’s “Learn” page for a crash course in cannabis), but one of the aspects of the industry that users can benefit from learning about is the Delta 9 extraction process. 

Since Delta 9 is slowly becoming one of the most popular options among our customers, we thought we would give a rundown of how Delta 9 is extracted. 

Two Methods of Delta 9 Extraction

As it turns out, there is more than one way to create Delta 9 products,  with two popular methods being general across the industry. 

Each method has its benefits, which we will go into below. 

Plant Extraction

The first method is plant extraction, where Delta 9 is extracted straight from cannabis plants in a pure form. 

A popular technique used in plant extraction is supercritical CO2 (carbon dioxide) extraction. 

What this involves is combining the cannabis plant with CO2 that has reached a “supercritical” state (meaning, it is in a halfway-state between liquid and gas) by keeping the CO2 in a high-pressure and low-temperature state. 

This is a popular method because it allows manufacturers to easily isolate any compounds within the plant, which includes, of course, Delta 9. 

Another plus of this method is that carbon dioxide can be easily converted back to a gas, meaning there will be none of it left over on the isolated Delta 9, ensuring a pure product. 

CBD Isomerization 

This involves dissolving CBD in a solvent and then extracting Delta 9 from there. 

In a few steps, CBD can be converted to Delta 9. It is first catalyzed in a solvent. Then, the solvent is removed or neutralized. The final product is then purified (with tests done to verify its purity). 

By this same process, CBD can also be converted to Delta 8.  

Many manufacturers spring for this method for the creative possibilities and its efficiency. 

For example, a big benefit of this method is that it allows manufacturers to fine-tune the ratio of CBD and THC in mixed products.

Though the process may appear simple in writing, this is a method that requires great expertise and care, but typically allows manufacturers to yield a variety of great products. 

As a result, users get to enjoy the best of both worlds, in the mixture that is correct for them. 

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