Do Delta 9 Drinks Go Out Of Date? Your Questions Answered.

If you have been thinking about buying Delta 9, then you should seriously consider checking out the newest trend in the world of cannabis: Delta 9 drinks. 

Wait, There Are Delta 9 Drinks? 

Yes, there are, and they are growing in popularity across the United States, including in those states where marijuana has been legalized. 

Delta 9 is federally legal because of a loophole in the U.S. Farm Bill, passed by Congress in 2018, that made it legal to sell hemp products. 

Fun fact: Hemp and marijuana are both cannabis, the major difference (for lawmakers) between these two varieties of cannabis being that hemp contains less than 0.3% THC, while marijuana is above that threshold. 

THC, by the way, is the main compound responsible for getting you high in marijuana.

In case you do not know what THC stands for, it is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. 

That ought to answer where the name “Delta 9” comes from, as it is an essential compound in THC for producing the psychoactive effects that THC products owe their popularity to. 

How Are They Different From CBD Drinks? 

Wondering about how the Hemp-Derived Delta 9 (HD9) drinks differ from CBD drinks such as our Heavenly Hibiscus

Be apprised, it packs a totally different punch. 

For one, Delta 9 is primarily used for its psychoactive effects, meaning, it offers a high that is quite similar to a marijuana high. 

So, if you are looking for something to merely help you sleep at night, or maybe give you an extra boost at work, then stick to CBD drinks

However, if you are looking to relax after work or have some fun on the weekend, then Delta 9 drinks are the way to go. 

Delta 9 Drinks Expiration Dates

If you buy a Delta 9 drink, you will be in no rush to drink it. 

Typically, HD9 drinks will last up to a full 12 months after production. Depending how quick a company’s production-to-delivery (or -shelve-stocking) process is, you are likely to have somewhere between 8 months and a full year to enjoy your HD9 drinks.

If you do happen to let the drinks sit in the refrigerator until past the expiration date, then we do not advise you to drink them. 

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