5 Fun Delta 9 Activities – Make A Day Out Of It!

We here at Hectare’s and Bourbon Country Cannabis have recently unveiled our line of Hectare’s Delta 9 + CBD Drinks

Compared to other from of edibles, Delta 9 beverages offer a hangover-free psychoactive experience that allows for greater control over your intake.

Delta 9 Day? 

Delta 9 offers users a psychoactive experience that is stronger than other legal cannabis products featuring Delta 8. 

Since Delta 9 is federally legal, you can enjoy Delta 9 just about anywhere. It is federally legal due to the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized the sale of hemp products. (All of Hectare’s cannabis products are hemp-derived, and thereby legal). 

If you are looking for some ideas for what to do once you’ve got your hands on some of our D9 beverages or other edibles, read on. 

Here’s Some Ideas for Fun Delta 9 Activities

We understand that everyone reacts to Delta 9 differently. For some a night in may be better than a day in the great outdoors. We’ve included activities here that should hopefully appeal to most Delta 9 users. 

Enjoy Nature

With some of the cold weather behind us, you may enjoy an outdoors excursion, solo or with friends. The psychoactive effects of Delta 9 THC can certainly boost your appreciation of nature. 

Take in the Arts

Likewise, Delta 9 can help you appreciate the artificial as much as the natural. Going to an art gallery or a show can have an added level of pleasure when Delta 9 is involved. 

Feed Your Appetite with Cooking

Another activity is staying in and cooking. Since THC in general is known to stimulate appetite, you may feel motivated to bring out the pots and pans and cook something good. 


Using Delta 9 products to decompress can be helpful. The relaxing headspace that Delta 9 creates in users can be perfect for relaxing.

This is especially the case if you are interested in practicing mindfulness techniques. Meditation and Delta 9 can be a great pairing, as can yoga. 

Get Creative

Creative work such as drawing, painting, writing, or making music can be enhanced with Delta 9. Your mind may go down unexpected and fruitful creative routes if you are willing to get into an entirely different mindset. 

The Best Delta 9 Drinks for Different Activities

Our Delta 9 drinks range from mild to strong. We’ll briefly cover them below. 

Brief Guide to Hectare’s Delta 9 Drinks

Hectare’s Blood Orange 3 mg Delta 9 THC + 6 mg CBD is our most low-THC option. It’s perfect for people interested in microdosing or just a light social lift. 

Hectare’s Goji Blackberry 5 mg Delta 9 THC + 10 mg CBD is a drink that takes things a little further without getting too strong. Recommended for inexperienced THC users or anyone looking for some mild mood elevation. 

You can take things up a notch with Hectare’s Dragon Fruit 10 mg Delta 9 THC + 20 mg CBD drink. 10 mg is where the psychoactive effects of THC for many go beyond a THC buzz into a stronger experience of euphoria. 

Our strongest offering is Hectare’s Watermelon Berry 20 mg Delta 9 THC + 40 mg CBD beverage. Experienced THC users will likely spring for this one, as will those looking to split a drink with a friend. 

Buy Delta 8, Delta 9, and CBD Products Today

Hopefully these ideas for D9-related activities have given you some great ideas for how to spend your free time with Hectare’s products! 

And no matter your taste, you are sure to find a Delta 9 beverage that is right for you at Hectare’s and Bourbon Country Cannabis! 

Do you want to learn more about the many products available in the world of cannabis? Don’t hesitate to reach out, we can help you find the cannabis product that is right for you!

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