Who We Are

A community focused on personal well-being and the greater good.



A unit of land,
a measurement.

The Hectare’s brand has grown from rich Kentucky farmlands and limestone-enriched waters, nurtured by dedicated individuals on a mission to help people naturally feel better and enhance performance.

We boldly embrace the benefits of Kentucky-grown cannabis, delivering accurate and consistent dosages of CBD with practical effects you can feel and trust. We proudly stand by our proprietary formulations as unequalled in the field.


At Hectare's we're passionate about natural health and agriculture. We recognize our responsibility to the communities and land that sustain us. That's why we're proud partners with 1% FOR THE PLANET. Hectare's is committed to making the world a healthier place, one hectare at a time.

1% for the Planet


Consistency, accuracy, and transparency are at the very core of who we are. Hectare's formulas are third-party tested more than 5 times before we bottle—delivering not just pristine dosages of CBD but unparalleled trust as well.


Hectare's unparalleled quality starts right here in Bourbon Country, Kentucky, with superior oil extracted from uniquely robust hemp irrigated by pure, limestone-enriched spring water.


Advisory Board

Hectare’s Advisory Board is comprised of diverse industry professionals in medicine and cannabis extraction to help guide Leaderships efforts ethically and effectively.

Breck Speed

Chief Operations Officer of Farmington Research

Dr. Amy Tucker, MD

Surgeon, Orthopedics

Dr. Rishi Kumar, MD


Leadership Team

Hectare’s Leadership team is comprised of professionals with deep industry experience in beverage formulations and CPG Sales and Marketing.

Bart Miller

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Stum

Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder

Terry Stapp

Chief Financial Officer

Mike Fulkerson

Director of Business Development

Kristina Bell

Director of Marketing

Hectare’s Corporate Office and Retail Location is in the heart of NULU in downtown Louisville. 819 E Market Street, Louisville KY 40206