Hectare’s CBD – Our Dosage Guide to Hemp Products

How Much is Too Much (Or Too Little)? 

CBD can be a great addition to your list of wellness products, but in order to enjoy its effects and benefits fully, you must know the correct dosage to take. Just as there are many different CBD products, so there are many different dosages among those various products. 

If you know anything about CBD, you will know that the risks are not terrible if you go overboard in dosage—oftentimes, the biggest risk is simply wasting CBD products to achieve effects that could have been gotten through a smaller dosage. 

For one, CBD is not psychoactive, meaning it will not get you “high” the way other cannabis products, which do include the high-generating compound THC that is not found in CBD products. 

However, an “overdose” of CBD can result in nausea, an upset stomach, diarrhea, and other disorienting, physically and mentally uncomfortable effects. 

Finding the CBD Dose That is Right for You

Dosages for CBD are commonly measured in milligrams, or mg, and there is no one-dose-fits-all dosage recommendation. 

Some of the biggest factors affecting what dosage you ought to take include your body weight, what you are taking CBD for, and the form of the product you are taking—be it a gummy, oil, or even drink. 

One of the reasons it is important to figure out your dosage is because of how radically different dosages can change between certain people. Someone can be fine with 20 mg, while others need upwards of 200 mg to do the trick. It all depends. 

The most surefire way to get an effective dosage recommendation is by consulting your doctor. 

However, if you feel confident on your own, then what we recommend is starting at a small dosage, and then going from there. 

A good low-mg starting dosage would be 20 mg, since, more often than not, this is considered an effective dose that could be too little for some, but rarely too much for anyone. 

If it works well, then stick to this. If it does not, then perhaps up it by 5 mg, or 10 mg, depending on how you feel, and see how things change. Continue until you find your ideal dosage. 

Different Products Mean Different Methods

Perhaps the best product for discovering your ideal dosage is an oil or tincture, which tend to come with their own dropper that creates, typically, 2.5 mg single drops. This way, you can increase your dosage by very specific increments, finding a sweet spot that is right for you. 

Some forms, such as pill capsules, offer you basically no choice—you either take the, say 50 mg pill, or you do not. 

A gummy can be split, though perhaps not evenly. 

Dosage Recommendations for Conditions

Generally, a smaller dosage in the range of 30 mg or under can help with physical issues, such as illness-caused pain or conditions like arthritis. 

Higher dosages should be used for more mental-oriented issues, such as addiction. In the case of addiction, somewhere in the range of 400 mg to 800 mg can work. (Remember, it is always smart to start with the lower/lowest recommended dosage and, if needed, work up from there.)

In the case of anxiety, somewhere between 300 mg to 600 mg can be the sweet spot. 

When it comes to more sensitive conditions, such as epilepsy, be sure to consult your doctor before using CBD for treatment. 

For more information about finding the right dose, and CBD product, for you, then reach out to us at Hectares CBD.or visit our local NULU Louisville KY location.

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